What to Expect When Buying

Click here for a helpful pamphlet on what to expect during your purchase transaction.

Property Search Comparison

Click here for a checklist and reference sheet for viewing potential properties.

Important Buyer Resources

Click here for important third party resources for flood zones, crime rates, etc.

Moving Checklist

Click here for your moving checklist.

Leasing the Home to the Seller

Click here for important things to consider when allowing a seller to stay in the home after closing.

Walk-Through Checklist

Click here for a helpful walk-through checklist. Walk-through is done just prior to closing.

Do’s and Don’ts for
Simple Loan Approval

Please click here to view tips to keep your approval process on track and avoid pitfalls.

Wondering Why Rates Changed?

Click here to view helpful information on
loan rate changes.

The Rental Roller Coaster

Click here to see how renting pays your

landlord’s mortgage. It’s time to buy!

Interested in Retiring
in Another Country?

Click here for questions to ask when considering living in another country.